The Ultimate guide to make your Black Friday 2021 shopping relaxing

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The charm of holiday is not another time off from work. There is something different about the way you feel. You are happy for no reason. You do things to make yourself and family happier. You wish this holiday season to be the most cherished ever. One of the major concerns the world is facing. Well, you guessed it. Covid-19. We hate this virus as much as you do. But we can't take it lightly and, in all seriousness, we must ensure the safety and keep moving.

While an obvious answer is online at the convenience of our homes but online shopping in 2021 has its share of supply chain issues and shipping delays. You may get your orders when the excitement got over. Not a nice thing with everything else going on!

Black Friday 2021 is going to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Instead of the good old sprint it would be season long deal marathons. And who doesn’t love a bargain? This guide will help you get the best 2021 Black Friday online deals and still enjoy the fun of holiday shopping 

Sign up to the retailer’s mailing list 

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 This ensures that all deals-discounts, coupons, sales offer, free shipping -reach you before anyone else discovers it. Don’t minimize your shopping budget but you can always act smart and save money though these coupons.

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Don’t worry. We hate SPAM as much as you do. We understand your time is valuable and we only email only when we can offer value to you

We understand that it takes time to build trust. Till the time we gain it from you, here’s a list of the best retailer mailing lists and how to sign up for them:

  • Costco emails can give you the latest news about special offers and promotions.
  • Walmart’s emails provide information about the Black Friday best buy 2021 bargains and discounts. You can sign up by creating a Walmart account.
  • Target emails give you access to exclusive offers and weekly ad reminders.

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Early bird catches the worm 

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 Everyone saw Target’s 2020 Black Friday ads for different sales. Expect something similar from leading retailers and small businesses this year too. Sign up would only work when you act fast for this pre- Black Friday online sales. Our guess is as good as everyone but expect some big ads late October. The best deals are always in limited quantities and limited time. Early shoppers will get the best deals for Black Friday in 2021. 

Bon Mot is all for making the trendy apparel available to everyone. We are starting a pre- Black Friday contests for “Black Friday clothes deal 2021”. DM on our Instagram handle the deal you wish for, and we will work it out for you. Or comment on Bon Mot’s pinned tweet. Anything works for us!

More seriously, shop anywhere you like but place early orders. This will counter the Covid-19 generated late shipping times. The beauty of receiving your favorite apparel or accessory package is most when it gets received on time. Not when the frenzy gets over. 

History repeats itself 

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We all get excited to know what the future holds for us. A good predictor of the future is historical events that tend to repeat. When you create your Black Friday online shopping plan, you want to include the retailers. Those who have offered the best deals on Black Friday over the years. Here are a few to help you plan better:

  1. Amazon – Amazon keeps offering discounts round the year, but Black Friday is even better with the lightening deals
  2. Best Buy – If your Wishlist has Electronics, look no further because deals get hotter each day with Best Buy
  3. Macy – Mother of all when it comes to offering the best Black Friday deals. Products throughout the store will be on mind-blowing deals
  4. Walmart – Offers discounts right from toys for your little ones to home goods. Change the look of your home to change the look of your life.
  5. Target – Offers during the last days and hours but you may want to keep an eye to discover the best deals

Elon Musk says failure must be acceptable otherwise one may progress backwards even. All he is saying is one should have the courage to experiment and try out new things. We recommend assigning no more than 15% of your budget to support small business this year. The people work so hard to make an impact and deliver value to the shoppers. Bon Mot is one such business trying to make its mark. Experiment with us with a small part of your budget and you may have something to cherish for forever.

Money saved is money earned


Pennies and quarters fell out of a glass jar

We have all grown up listening to this adage and at this juncture of the life, feels like it has got some steam to it. This guide is created for Black Friday shopping and now we are at a section where we offer to save money. Sounds Paradoxical. Yes, money is saved during the Black Friday online shopping. Retailers offer free shipping when you shop with them for a threshold value. Some offer their own virtual currency, for example Kohl gives $15 Kohl Cash for every $50 you spend) to save even more.

Let’s disclose an insider trick with you. Sometimes, when you leave your cart abandoned you get an email within an hour with a coupon code. Retailers as big as Amazon do that. And this works well throughout the year, but Black Friday is special. Products sell very fast. It would be a good idea to checkout and pay before the store runs out of the item. Choose wisely.

Bon Mot offers free shipping for products when your cart total exceeds $50. Save more with us. The customer should always be choosing their desired product. Shipping this year, is on us.

The Sun shall rise again!


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None of the dark lords survived. Neither Darth Vader nor Lord Voldemort. And no best deal will ever die. Don’t be heartbroken if you miss a deal. Take a break and come back. Before the third day, the deal would get resurrected.

But, but but. We can always prepare. Here are three tips:

  1. Clear your web browser cache. Then the browser has no way of knowing if you are a returning visitor. You’d always get treated like it’s your first date.
  2. Rerouting consumes time. Once you see an ad, click on it, land on the website precious time is going to go away. You can save this time by opening the store’s site and waiting for the deal to be live.
  3. You could also create an account and save your credit card info before the sale even gets started. This will help speed up the checkout process, so you can be quick to pull the trigger on a deal. 

Like and follow your favorite stores and brands on social media 

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This year we are not driving around that much. So, we are seeing less ads on radio, billboards, trucks, and all places where we were habitual to see. But what we are doing this year is browsing social media more. Social Media is a great forum to connect the shoppers with the stores. There is no ad agency in between. The customer is the voice and stores have their ears open round the clock. Like and follow your favorite brands on social media. This is where the first deals get posted. NO EXCEPTIONS. And you don’t have to stick to the older brands as new ones get launched each year. Engage, and interact through comments and DMs. Ask and it is given. Talk to the brand what they can offer you this year what no one else is doing. Negotiate a win-win. Be proud of this story and flaunt it with your family and friends this season for a hearty laugh. 

One of our ears is here and another one is here. Whisper something nice in any one of our ears and we are going to come back with a smile.

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